About this place: laugh often, feel comfy, find beauty in everything (including yourself), pray, believe, have hope, enjoy yummy foods, appreciate nature... never give up. Ever ever.

About Me: I'm Leanne - in my 30s and living in PA. Full-time corporate slave, giver of the side-eye, full of sass, living for Jesus - who has my heart.

I believe in living life, forgiving myself and others, and not taking myself too seriously.

I’m kind of a nervous person - and right now I’m so worried about my Dad, his wife, and my grammy. They all live in Atlantic County in NJ. I haven’t heard back from them yet, all I know is that parts of Atlantic County are under 5 ft of water. I’m praying but I’m just anxious. I wish my Dad would get back to me.

If anyone out there is in Mays Landing, NJ, please let me know how it is there. xoxoxoxo.