About this place: laugh often, feel comfy, find beauty in everything (including yourself), pray, believe, have hope, enjoy yummy foods, appreciate nature... never give up. Ever ever.

About Me: I'm Leanne - in my 30s and living in PA. Full-time corporate slave, giver of the side-eye, full of sass, living for Jesus - who has my heart.

I believe in living life, forgiving myself and others, and not taking myself too seriously.


Surreal Photos of A Frozen Venice

Art director Robert Jahns has created a series of surrealistic photos of Venice by combining photos of Italy by Luis Manuel Osorio Fernando with photos of frozen lakes in Russia by Daniel Kordan. Robert Jahns wanted to show how the Venice Canal would look like if it was frozen by the winter.

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Miss my country so much #Guatemala #guatemalan ❤ #Souvenirs #Colors #Guate (Taken with Instagram)

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- Matt Chandler, Ecclesiastes 12: Reconciliation (via tehtruthresistssimplicity)
- Lisa Jo Baker (via sweetcarolinahome)


Negotiating Shawn and Gus style 

Psych 8x10 “The Break-up”

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I do not take cute 30 minute naps I sleep hard core for like 6 hours and wake up hating myself and not refreshed in the slightest

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Antique Citrine Intaglio Bee Ring by Elizabeth Locke